Maslow Hierarchy Ads Assignment Instructions

  1. Find a different print or electronic ad that appeals to each of the needs on Maslow’s hierarchy (i.e., 5 different ads, one for each level).

    Please note that I am aware of several websites that already provide sample ads that relate to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. While you are welcome to search for and view some of these sites, I ask you *NOT* to use any of the examples you find. The point of this exercise is for you to search for newer, unique examples that you believe appeal to each level of the hierarchy.

  2. Provide a brief explanation for each ad as to how it appeals to the hierarchy level you have identified.
  3. Provide the URL or attach a copy of each ad (scan or photo), clearly labelled as to which level of the hierarchy it applies.
  4. Remember to correctly cite your sources using APA format.
  5. Remember to include names of ALL group members.
  6. Save the file in PDF format
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