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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: I did. Attachment for all my decument. I want you to do just part (5) And part (6).

sure that, the find the sources of conflicts in their institutions, negotiate with the conflicting parties and resolve/ make final decisions on the posted conflict ( Sharma, 1-5).

Communication is very important in the development off a campus because all the involved parties are able to agree on any arising issue. Communication offers an avenue for smooth flow of information and therefore implementation is enhanced ( Sharma, 1-5).

Whenever the communication systems are open all the institution’s stakeholders are able to forward their views without fear of being victimized or being criticized. As such the institution will progress because it implements the best inputs of its stakeholders ( Sharma, 1-5).

C) How do communication strategies address issues of diversity? (e.g., are teachers notified of staff development designed to address diversity issues? Are communications with parents conducted in English only, or are communications written in other languages to reach limited English speaking stakeholders?)

Communication strategies should be set in such a way that the addresses the issue of diversity. However, these strategies are very hard to implement when it comes to language diversity because in the learning institution setting it is expected that only the national and official language is used. Hence, non- English natives should find their own interpreters so that they can understand what is being conveyed ( Sharma,

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