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Write a 2 page essay on Amazon Evolution.

The creation of the search engine by operates like Google, and helps ease on the internet search.&nbsp. The system ( has been installed in a personalized manner that allows users to create and save and control their previous visits. Amazon also created the SQS system. the system stores the queues and message data in Amazon’s network making it reliable and available in various data centers. Amazon has also installed bookmarking equipments and a tool bar that enables users to browse the search results. A9 relies heavily on Google for the applied technology while. Amazon focuses on improving consumers’ experience. Amazon, therefore, has created its core capability to consumers with its convenience and ready access, personalized services, competitive prices amongst other consumer base benefits (Rainer, 2008).Question 4Issues of Decentralized information managementIn the recent times, data management strategy is changing to data service resulting from the increased distribution lines. Consumer ignores the database cover on the thought that. it concerns architectures. In case of the SQS, Data services moves from source A to B via an incorporating process. Therefore, the data volumes and the rush for timely information mount pressure to the consolidating application resulting to reduced data duplication. The ultimate results involve issues concerning consistency, recoverability and access which need resolutions (Rainer, 2008).Securing information proves easier than maintaining the security levels of information.

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