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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Cultural Property, Ethics and the Law: Porn or art.

The display of sexuality in art has triggered various views and reactions among different people. The prime minister was disgusted by this gesture and various parent groups were outraged by this action taken by the artists. Some of the artists attract legal battles by featuring the faces of children pasted over adults in sex acts (Raymond, 2014).

The new art show by a group called Feck Art sent out invitations to their clients presenting&nbsp. beautiful obscenity from the upcoming artists. The group’s spokesperson was keen to indicate that the art does not show minors and they are against any art that portrays children in sexual content. Feck Art is looking forward to go beyond boundaries by engaging in sexy imagination that turns people on. This will remove the corrupt image that the erotic art often displays. This kind of art will travel deeper into the imagination and be successful where pornography has failed (Raymond, 2014).

Pornography is different from art. In pornography, one is left yearning for more because it is all displayed there. Art, on the other hand, leaves the clients with imagination in their minds and needs in their heads, thereby leaving something them with an important thought. Feck Art group however faces a lot of scrutiny by being involved in campaigns in 2012 around Melbourne University that encourage women to pose naked on their websites and being paid in return. This is seen to portray that the group only has a commercial motive (Raymond, 2014).

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