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Create a 12 page essay paper that discusses Impact Of Cultural Intelligence On Job Performance.

In addition to CQ studies also focused on organizational perspective. Cultural intelligence can be explained on organizational perspective. Organizational cultural intelligence is the capability of an organization to function and manage successfully in the host diversified culture, Koen. Organizational cultural intelligence reflects how responsive organizations are and how they work in the cross-cultural environment. Organization CQ helps firms to effectively adjust in the diversified environment and achieve organizational goals. Based on different theories of cultural intelligence, irrespective of their focus on domestic culture or multinational cultural perspectives relating to diversity in companies. research suggests that cultural intelligence and be developed or learned through education, training, interaction. Furthermore, research findings also show that higher level of cultural intelligence can be achieved by working on different cultures. Therefore, employees can improve CQ by proper learning and exposure to different culture. Furthermore, motivation is the important factor for improving CQ because the role of motivation in improving CQ involves personal and cultural values of employees Mol, Tulder, & Beige. Personal and cultural values establish the general benchmark for employees to access their perceived desirability of different outcomes and actions. Efficacy and expectation also play their role by providing the ability to set individual goals and achieve those goals.

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