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Write a 36 page essay on The Impact of Using Multimedia in an Online Learning Setting.

The paper “The Impact of Using Multimedia in an Online Learning Setting” talks about the impact of Multimedia on online learning. Learning is done in a computer-based setup where multimedia is used as a material for teaching. Having multimedia presentations through videos creates a sense of understanding in a given scenario.Nowadays, technology has been the number one accessible source of information around the world and its remarkable continuity gets to blow up as the years go by. In fact, it has become a feasible and possible preference to people especially to those who are into learning. It has given an opportunity for a new learning net to be born. Multimedia and online learning nurture information that is merely pertinent, applicable and significant for the college students. It would be best inculcated to them if multimedia is interactive and the control of it solely relies on the learner. In a live chat with a student who is shy, inspirational videos such as believing in one’s self can encourage the student, even more, to believe in herself. As the college students continue to explore what life has to offer, engaging in the learning process results in a better exploration as they see it through an enhanced multimedia instruction. Online learning, or what is also referred to as distance learning, is an educational medium of instruction through the use of Internet. Its objectives are aligned with the same goals one would find in a traditional classroom setup. Instruction can take place anytime and anywhere.

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