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Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Read the story of Paul’s Conversion described by Luke in Acts of the Apostles Chapter 9.

His mission was to wipe the religion completely from the surface of the earth.

Along the way to Damascus, Saul encounters with God’s power, a very bright light that sent him to the ground flashed around him. In addition, a sound confronted him on his persecution mission. He could not see anything as the encounter had made him blind. He remained blind for three days. Ananias was sent to go and pray for Saul. After the conversion, Saul continued living with the disciple. This amazed many people as the story of Saul persecuting Christians had spread all over the place. The name change to Paul was quite significant as it indicated a total conversion of the Former persecutor to a gospel minister. As such, a large number who new Saul as an evil person will not be swayed by their former knowledge of the person, Bryant (2009).

This conversion is very important to a contemporary Christian. When God sent Ananias to plead for Saul, God said that he has chosen Saul as a gospel minister. This implies that many of the modern Christians have huge roles in the gospel ministries only that they have not encountered God for a conversion.

As for my personal thought of this conversion, I believe that every Christian encounters such episode as Saul. It may not exactly be like that described in the bible that involves a voice from heaven or the lighting that made him blind. No. God manifest ton us in various ways with intentions of changing our life so as to serve Him

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