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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Do You Believe that Our Sex and Gender Rules are Social Constructions. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

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This essay declares that the gender of newborn had to be identified based on the genitalia, and in cases of “ambiguous” genitalia, babies had to undergo reparative surgery, whereas the clinical staff assigned a corresponding gender to a child. After the gender was surgically assigned to the baby, it was socially reinforced through various identifications such as clothing, bringing up process, etc. The cases of surgical procedures on reparation children’s genitalia, defined by clinicians as Disorders of Sexual Development perfectly illustrate how people are trying to “adapt biological diversity to socially constructed sex-gender binary”.

This project stresses that nowadays, variation in genders is a more acceptable issue in society and has increased interest in the medical community. Comparing the two articles written by Fausto-Sterling in 7-years interval it is possible to see that during a quite small period of time human perception of intersexuals as full-fledged unit of society has increased significantly. Whether the other three sexes will be soon recognized fully by the society or not, providing those individuals with absolutely equal conditions and treatment, is not known. The only thing that is definitely clear is that scientific research and time do change social perception of the human body. The things perceived a century ago as nonsense, nowadays are viewed as absolutely common and understandable.

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