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I will pay for the following essay Communication for Management. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

As the paper highlights&nbsp.before determining the perfect method of handling supplier data confidentiality as specified in this section, there is a need for reviewing the ethics of data storage. Ethical arguments for storing information require that concerned parties store data securely. Another argument is that the interested parties should enhance a maximum ethical use of the stored data. The same arguments require that involved parties make use of hard-to-obtain data. The UK has an established Data Protection Act of 1998, which categorizes some information as sensitive.&nbsp.Having such ideas in mind classifies information about suppliers as critical and sensitive because of the competitive nature of the corporate environment. The use of such data remains restricted to the trading parties.&nbsp.From the discussion it is clear that&nbsp.the provision requires that all participants should have the consent of the use of such information. For this case, data on suppliers, which translates into sensitive information, needs secure storage. Presently, fundamental business procedures of a firm rely heavily on its system of information. A better perception of this critical dependency occurs when a system of information fails in fulfilling its purpose, frustrating thus the vital business processes.&nbsp.Teams from both sides should not leak the information to unconcerned parties considering the status of e-commerce, and easy data access.

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