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Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: The Price of Bliss: The Study about Drugs.

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There have been several organizations started to help prevent and stem the flow of drug trafficking within the states and the United Kingdom. In fact, in 1999, the United Kingdom introduced Operation Purple, which was an attempt to crack down on the transporting potassium permanganate, which is a common and essential ingredient in the development of cocaine 3. The initiative was fairly successful, nearly 11,000 tons of the material was confiscated, with multiple shipments raided. But, this is just a small step in the war on drugs. Another operation, labeled Topaz, was also launched in another attempt to not only stop transporting of ingredients in Heroin, but also to discover many of the common trends with drug traffickers. A lot was discovered and discussed.

The most common trend was found that almost all of the shipments were either heading to or leaving from South America and Spain. Much of the drugs were traced to many lords within the country of Colombia, which, ever since Johnny Jung opened the market of cocaine up to the United States, has been a central player in the drug war. However, many of the drug lords have become invincible within the Colombian government, bribing officials and running much of the economy. However, the Colombian drug lords have been proven again and again that they are not invincible.

Once again, the primary hero being the British, Operation Kingfish was launched as a successful invasion of drug transportation between Colombia and the United States and United Kingdom.

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