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coli bacteria when the food is not well prepared. Second, despite the health risks posed by the fast food industry, they still dominate the market. This fact is made possible majorly by the reluctance of the federal government to effectively put a stop to the production of fast foods. History bears record that the federal government did make business friendly policies that smoothened the running of the fast food industry. These policies at some point posed a threat to the safety of workers in the business. Republican faction in the congress also thwarted effort is to do away with the unhealthy fast food industry. Also since it the production of fast foods is less expensive, they tend to be cheaper than the organic foods granting them a broad market among the low class members in the society.

Finally, in order to counter the widespread consumption of the fast foods, concerted efforts must be made by both the individuals and the federal government. Congress should immediately impose a ban on advertisements aimed at children to promote foods high in fat and sugar. It should also pass tougher food safety laws, protect American workers from serious harm and fight against dangerous concentration of economic power. The individual before making a decision to make a purchase of any unhealthy food should think critically and make rational judgement concerning the origin of the food, processing and final production. Individuals should also make efforts to produce their own healthy organic

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