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The researcher of the essay “Twentieth Century America and Modern Art” aims to investigate twentieth-century African-American modern art. The African American art mainly includes basket weaving, a huge range of arts done on plastic, wood carving, pottery and also painting. The African Americans were taking part in art for some time but they actually got accepted and their art got famous during the middle of the 20th century. In 1950s and 1960s some African American artists hit the cord and become known around the country and were accepted open heartedly. During the same time period a self-claimed group of artists called the Highwaymen which was consisted of around 26 African Americans belonging from Fr. Pierce made paintings of the landscape of Florida and because back then there wasn’t a really common concept of art galleries and that too who would welcome the self-claimed artist group belonging to the community, this group of artist took the other path. They peddled around 200,000 and put them in their trucks and went all around selling them directly to the public. Today in the history of American folk and in the History of African American culture they are regarded as and known as one of the most important figures and notable groups who did a lot of amazing work in the field of arts. Their paintings are considered so important in today`s world that the price of their paintings in today`s world is around a thousands of dollars. There was some artist who made their mark in the New York galleries.

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