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Need an argumentative essay on Physical environment of East and South Asia. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

South and East Asia has undergone a number of environmental changes as a result of human activities in the region. A number of environmental challenges have been witnessed as in the region as activities such as deforestation, destruction of natural settings and human settlement. The region was originally covered by dense jungles, gorgeous beaches and incredible wildlife. Some of these regions have transformed into spectacular urban centers as a result of massive economic growth that countries in the region have experienced. There is increased number of endangered species of wild animals due to increased cases of poaching and deforestation. The Asian elephant that is well known in the region has increasingly been under threat of being faced put from the face of the earth. Their total number that was initially 300,000 at the beginning of 20th century has now gone down to 100, 000 in the country of Thailand alone. The increasing destruction of the natural habitats of the elephants has make it harder for them to find food and increasing their contact with human being which puts them in more danger of being targeted by the people. The ever increasing demand for ivory has made the elephants to be the target of poachers despite that fact that poaching is illegal in most of these countries (Ooi, 2004). Air pollution has been another problem that has been affecting the environment of the region and it is worse in South and East Asia despite being a global challenge. The hazes experienced in the region have the ability to spread.

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