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Hi, I need help with essay on Property Law as Applied to Rural Retreats. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

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As the discussion stresses this agreement restricting Rural Retreats’ use of Easy Access constitutes a significant instrument that crucially affects the proper use of the lot, where its abandonment in the part of Rural Retreats will negatively affect the well-being of its purchasers and successors in title. The importance Easy Access holds as a car park for the estate constitutes what Sec. 29 of the Land Title Act of 1994 as crucial to “ensure that the register is an accurate, comprehensive and useable record of freehold land in the State.”

This paper declares that no registrable interest exists for Nohrain in this case, the registrar should have registered details about Easy Access being a car park, which cannot be used for other purposes or sold, without the lot owners’ consent. In order to protect his interests to the parking lot, Nohrain, preferably with the cooperation of the other lot owners in the estate, has two options: he can make an appeal by virtue of the Land Title Act for the registrar to correct the register to Easy Access and include the provisions included in the sale of the lots regarding Easy Access, or Nohrain can lodge a caveat on Easy Access to prevent the property from being sold or modified in its terms of use. Nohrain has rights to the easement because as the agreement between Olga and the Council provides, Olga, together with her family, occupiers of her lot, and successors in title, which includes Nohrain, are included among those who will benefit from the free water supply.

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