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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Effective Communication Skills in Healthcare.

Patients often feel frustrated because their doctors do not apply patient-oriented communication skills which result into negative outcomes on the delivery of actual medical advice. Patients also complain of lack of important attributes of their physicians, such as empathy and kindness, which can lead to a communication gap between the two sides of the communication process (Hassali, Shafie, & Khan, 2012).

It has been reported that patients’ concern on communication behaviour has positive outcomes in their level of satisfaction, and this kind of patients tend to be more submissive to treatment. On the negative side of it, poor communication skills on the part of the healthcare provider results in unsatisfied patients that reflects in the quality of the treatment and compliance to drug therapy (Lochman, 1983 as cited in Hassali, Shafie, & Khan, 2012). There are also reports that the lack of correct information results into inefficient health care, the inability of doctors and healthcare professionals to provide patients’ needs, and absence of respect and dignity of patients. On the other hand, health professionals also reported lack of skills in having good relationship with patients. According to Nørgaard et al. (2012), healthcare providers should have positive relationships with each other, particularly in providing respect and appreciation to their peers so that they can provide respect and positive relationships with patients.

There are problems that hamper the ideal patient-physician communication. Sometimes the healthcare providers have a busy schedule and need to treat many patients.

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