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I need help identifying techniques. What are different types of techniques used in this peice and how do I further identify them.

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28/10l2018 Letter to Australia: What the bloody hell are ya? U139 gummy Earning 3.5mm NATIONAL OPINION Letter to Australia: What the bloodyhell are ya? By Adam Dudding2 October 2015 — 3:26pm We Kiwis like Australians for many reasons. We popped over for higher wages and sunshine,and three—quarters of a million of us forgot to come home. We like your beaches and shops andtrams when we Visit for the weekend. We think your wine isn’t bad, we watch some of yourmovies (The Matrix is Australian, right?), and read your novels more than you read ours (whichmakes us a feel a bit miffed, actually). We have Australian employers, employees, spouses, cousins and half-siblings, and in lieu ofmeaningful conversation we will pretend to argue with them about who invented the pavlovaand whether putting a beetroot and an egg in a burger makes it uniquely Australian or uniquelyNew Zealandy. We say, hilariously, that you can have Russell Crowe! Quade Cooper! Sir IohBjelke—Petersenl Keith Urban when he’s off the wagon! Crowded House‘s lesser albums! Suchfun. It‘s our special relationship. "There is no New Zealand equivalent of that weird word ‘un-Australian’." GETTY IMAGES But we also like you because you make us feel good about ourselves by comparison. Iustly orotherwise New Zealanders think we’re a bit like Australians only a bit less sexist, a bit lessracist, a bit less historically genocidal, a bit less obstreperous on the piss, a bit more genteel. httpsz? ustralia—what—the—bloody—helI—are—ya—ZO 1 51 ODZ—gjzto4.html 113

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