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Need an argumentative essay on Globalization and Strategic Planning. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In this case, in order to facilitate collaboration in the organization, Americare has been recruiting numerous interns, to offer them a chance of making crucial contribution through their membership in Global Partnership team (Americares, 2013).

Cooperation refers to process of working together in a way that contributes to achievement of a common objective (Forest,

2003). All interns in Americare are offered a chance to be involved in all development programs via a target of donor and prospectus. Moreover, this organization offers them other roles such as providing support via general administrative supporting and attending events, maintenance of donor files and helping in preparation of visits and regional trips (Americares, 2013). In this case, the organization operates through the cooperation of the interns. thus, they are able to execute their mandate.

According to Forest (2003), coordination is organizing and ensuring that different parts or things are operating simultaneously in order to achieve a certain objective with minimum problems. In this case, AmeriCares makes a substantial contribution in facilitating communication among the interns, through their administrative support (Americares, 2013). In this case, communication among team members is well coordinated through ways of contacting them through newsletters and other printed materials. Furthermore, vendors are coordinated to facilitate timely delivery of materials that are needed for the organization to operate effectively.

Forest, C. (2003). Empowerment skills for family workers: A worker handbook. Cornell University. Retrieved on Jan 7 2012 from

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