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The other second question is. what were Matt’s stepping stones to become CEO. He started as accountant then editor and he played a very important role in building business at Holiday World when he was the project manager. This helped him to gain recognition for the hard work and enabled him to climb the ladder to a higher position. I believe that for someone to climb the ladder to the position of CEO, that parson should have proved that he is experienced and capable of steering the company to greater heights through his performance in other aspects of the organization.

Who is the biggest competitor based on consumer perceptions? Dollywood and Silver Dollar City are seen as the best competitors in this business but what has to be taken into account is the fact that they do not provide direct competition. By virtue of the fact that they are located in distant areas, it can be noted that they do not give direct competition. In my own opinion, I believe that the aspect of proximity or closeness to each other plays a pivotal role in determining the nature of competition. Competition is intense when the companies are located closer to each other. In this case it is weak since the competitors are located in distant areas.

What are the marketing strategies that you use in your operations? He stated that advertising tools such as billboards, radio, website as well as TV and radio were mostly used since these are popular and can be easily accessed by the targeted audiences. I concur with him as a result of the fact that television for instance is the most popular medium to families and it can be effectively used to market the services offered by Holiday

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