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Hi, need to submit a 2000 words essay on the topic Leadership and Management in Healthcare.

Multidisciplinary approach is certainly beneficial but it is relatively complex and poses advance level challenges to leadership and management in delivering the goods for which it is formulated. Thereby, managing a healthcare organization in a multidiscipline and multicultural environment would demand a superior level of leadership and management characteristics that can meet the expectations of an increasingly aware society. Thesis This research paper will investigate various traits and characteristics that are considered indispensible to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency in a multidiscipline and multicultural healthcare organization. The paper will discuss leadership and management issues, approaches, traits and solutions from the perspective of a healthcare administrator to manage health and human services. The research will initially present some leadership and management issues that a healthcare administration may face. The paper will also discuss different approaches to settle these issues in healthcare management and personal traits in terms of leadership and management to analyze various approaches for respective pros and cons. The paper will then draw conclusions that can be useful for leadership and management of a multicultural and multidiscipline healthcare organization. Literature Review Demographic changes are a known phenomenon and diversity stems from it. The healthcare administrators have to be vigilant on ever increasing number of non-native healthcare professionals in their organizations because if diversity is a necessity the maintenance of healthcare tradition and enhancing the facility is an ultimate objective for healthcare administrators. Baxter (2000, p.

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