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Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses ICICI Management.

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In this way, the employees feel appreciated by the management of the bank and this is done in a manner which not only encourages them to work harder to achieve the goals of this institution but also towards increasing its competitiveness (Bihari &amp. Charde, 2014). The motivation style of ICICI is in line with Herzberg’s two factor theory which advocated for the removal of some of the control which the bank’s management has over its employees and this ensures that there is an increase in their accountability and responsibility over their work. In this way, the employees become motivated through their being given freedom of action while also having more responsibilities which encourage them to work harder for the greater good of the bank. In addition, also in line with the two factor theory, ICICI also motivates its employees through encouraging them to create natural work units where possible and this is done in a manner where the employees themselves are given the responsibility of creating whole sections of their teams instead of only a part of it (LaBelle, 2005). Moreover, ICICI also works towards the provision of regular feedback directly to its employees and this makes the latter to feel that their welfare at work is being well considered. The fact that the management does not have to go through supervisors to provide feedback encourages workers to improve their job performance (Hassan, 2005). The expectancy theory also comes to play in the way in which ICICI motivates its workers and this is because its management encourages employees to take on challenging tasks so that they may specialise in these tasks and in this manner, remove the need to bring in outsiders to undertake tasks.

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