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Complete 24 page APA formatted essay: Marketing Research.

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The Supply chain is now an integral part of the manufacturer base. It is very important to avoid cancelled orders or penalties for late delivery.

Process Flow: A logical process flow has been created. This details the outline steps required, to act as a basis for the design of the final version of the Supply Chain model we are going to ultimately recommend.

Transportation: It is necessary to develop a transportation technique which will be able to process the predicted supply by the year 2020. This will depend on the forecasting of demand, which at times can be unpredictable.

Effective Supply Chain Management: This is closely related to shareholder value. Effective supply chaining management is required, alongside global sourcing strategies to capitalise on the potential margins emerging currently in emerging markets.

Product Decline in Oil Industry: The evidence indicates that products of the Oil industry in the immediate future will be handled in declining quantities, but at greater costs. This needs to be addressed via the Supply Chain protocols we intend to instigate.

3rd Party Sourcing of Supplies/Services: The recent trend has been to outsource supplies and services. This can cause problems when there are disruptions to service. Effective Supply Chain Management will enable identification of critical tasks, and the interdependencies with suppliers, in order to provide swift resolution to problems and pre-empt possible future problems in order to avoid them.

Supply Chain Leadership: The effectiveness of the supply chain is only as good as the management and control of the service. Technological changes are not in themselves, enough to provide effective and efficient throughput.

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