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Write a 12 page essay on Organizational change management.

The changes can be planned or unplanned .The change becomes important if it has some positive impact to the organization. Organizational change is important in the survival and success of the company which brings good and efficient development. This leads to formation of techniques of managing the organizational change (Aswathappa, 2007).

There are external and internal pressures which need to be addressed. The external pressures include. fashion pressures, mandated pressures and geopolitical pressures. Moreover market decline where the current market begins to decline thus pressure to invent new and more viable markets (Blanchard, 2010). A hyper competition pressure caused by high intensified rates of business brings pressure for change at the organizational level. Reputation and credibility pressures caused by corporate governance issues which cause one to ensure they maintain good reputation and high level of credibility. Internal pressures include those activities that take place inside the organization. growth, integration and collaboration, identity, power and political pressures. Growth pressures come due to the fact that the existing processes and systems in the organization can no longer be applicable due to increase in the size of the organization. Integration and collaboration pressures due to integration and economies of scale can lead to change in the organization. Identity pressure due to unified commitment of staff in different departments of the organization can led to change due to difficult in management. New broom pressure that is change in senior management level mainly the CEO can lead to significant changes in an organization. Power and political pressures can lead to change the internal processes of decision making (Pride, et al., 2011).

This is a formal design of managerial hierarchies within an

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