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Hi, I need help with essay on Employee relations. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The relationship at workplace can be between any person in the organization, between coworkers, between workers and their superiors, between members who are in the same management among others. In any working environment, it is mandatory for employees to share a relationship that is healthy with one another so that they can ultimate product of their input is done to their best.

In any workplace, the relationship that exists between the top management and the employees are of great value. Human relations starts from the starting point of employee training, addressing the needs of the employees, fostering an employee working place culture and resolving the conflicts that arises at the working environment between employees or employees and the top management. Every individual at working place shares a particular relationship with his or her fellow workers. Human beings at places of work are not machines who begin working at the press of a mere button. The employees need fellow workers whom they can talk to and share ideas, happiness and sorrow with each other.

A healthy relation of employees reduces problems of absenteeism at the places of work when there is a good relation, individuals tend to be serious and put more effort towards their work. They do not take frequent leaves and do enjoy their work and the working environment. Employees’ incidents of complaints will reduce and start giving inputs to their best.

Unitarist perspective

This perspective assumes that an organization is an integrated and harmonious whole that deals with ideal of “one huge happy family”. Its assumption is that the top management in the organization and other staff members all share a common purpose, emphasizes cooperation and have similar set of values, objectives and interests.

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