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Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Week One Discussion Questions.

Also adding a marketing aspect can give the sales people a better understand of the market they are selling to especially when it comes to demographics and what people are interested in. Also, a good marketing team can suggest specific ways to market to their market in order to get a stronger sale.

One drawback could be that sales people may not be as savvy about markets as the marketers.

The sales team may not be as up-to-date with technology and therefore may not have the ability to do all of the things that the marketing team suggests. They could get discouraged if some of the technology is above their comfort level. As an example, the marketing team may create a database of information that they understand but that the sales force does not understand. If this happens, this would create problems for the sales force because they would be bogged down in the database instead of being able to sell.

I think that marketing is an integral part of a sales organization beacsue sales and marketing are two different processes. Sales is all about selling and often it is to whomever will by the product. Marketing adds a bit of finesse to sales because through marketing you can get a sense of what products are being sold to whom, where they are being sold and you can move the business forward based on the data that you have collected through marketing. Without marketing you only have sales statistics and this is like having only half of the information you need to build a business.

As a newly hired marketing manager the firs thing I would do is pull together the marketing team to create a marketing plan. Before I talked to the supervisor I would want to bring the marketing together to gather information from them about what they know about the target market, what they have done I the past that worked and what would be needed in the

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