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Write a 5 page essay on Mcdonald’s.

In fact McDonalds has different Facebook accounts in different countries in which the company operates. “The McDonald’s US page has more than 27m fans, and its local market pages have all attracted several hundred thousand ‘likes’”(Moth).

Even though McDonalds was able to attract millions of people through its Facebook pages, the company is not much interested in posting too many contents on its pages. “McDonald’s generally posts fewer than five updates a month yet each one attracts several thousand ‘likes’ and comments, which is more than the brands that posts several times per day” (Moth). The company believes that too much postings may bring too little benefits to the company. It should be noted that today’s consumers are living in a world of advertisements. In fact they were fed up with watching meaningless ads. McDonalds knows this consumer psychology very well and places its ads and posts only sparingly in front of the public through its Facebook pages. On the other hand the company is keen on maintaining frequent updates in its Facebook pages in order to avoid the loss of attraction from the public.

Unlike many of its competitors, McDonald’s is not much bothered about responding to the comments made by the people through its Facebook pages. The company believes that responding to user comments through Facebook pages may bring more harm than good. At the same time, the company is keen on informing the people about all its product promotions, offers and discounts. McDonald’s has recently conducted a Facebook campaign asking people to take their lunch hour back and enjoy it at McDonald’s. They used different posts for the success of this campaign. Some of them were simple photo images, and the others were questions, and video posts. This campaign was a big success for the company” Click-through rates of content-related interactions are currently more successful

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