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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Whistleblowing.

Flexibility- Flexibility is another characteristic of the whistleblower that ensures the company or organization is not going against the law (Vaughn, 2013). Tenacity- The whistleblower use stubbornness as a competing curiosity that must be in due course used as a tool to make a defined and right decision for the business (Gramling, 2014). Sensitivity- Most of the large business organizations have large number of employees across the country. hence, sensitivity as a characteristic of a whistleblower is important because it acts as an eye to the business (Gramling, 2014).

Within the last 12months, U.S Supreme Court has been identified to protect the employees through the voice of whistleblower. The instance to protect employees of publicly company’s contracts March 6, 2014. This was noted to be the first time in the United State of America Supreme Court protected sub-contractors and contractors under Lawson v FMRLL, 571 U.S (2014) (Gramling, 2014). Jonathan M Zang and Jackie Hosang Lawson had different case to the court, alleged retaliation unlawful under act 806 that was against the FMR LLC while the others interrelated to the private company the so-called FMR. The funds were mutually raised to provide fidelity to the family as persuaded by the contract. The two of them commenced the unlawful action in a federal district court where the private mate was moved to dismiss plaintiff’s issues. The claims supported that they were not covered as employees under the act 1514A (Vaughn, 2013). The plaintiff therefore, took forth both employees of public company and the employees of the contract and sub-contract. After complains were filed with the health administration and occupational safety, Zang and Lawson began the action of de novo in a court. The court examined the statute text and found that FMR’s interpretation was quite presentable because there was

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