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Having a car and having no driving experience did not augur well with the way I perceived things, I became restless never imagining the weird state in which I was. A car owner without any driving training leave alone experience, it was soothing to imagine myself putting my palms on the steering wheel,

just to think of stepping on the clutch, it was pleased to have this thoughts soon I became obsessed my mind was clogged with the fact of spinning the wheels. Everyday I could stand by my car looking at it by admiration.

After many days of desire I contacted my driving tutor, Mr. Timothy who happened to be a good instructor not by anything tangible but by the way he placed his words in the name of coaching me. Then I came to realize that I was a good auditory learner, yes my coach Timothy inflicted this in me I could learn from nothing sort to that. No pens, no papers and no computers or electronic gadgets to put my references from. “Be attentive to the speed limit”, “make a full stop at every point with a stop sign”. These words could reign on my mind every time I took to the road to train. These words were now frequently used by my coach Timothy I could now do the stopping without being reminded. I was a good observant of all the road rules. As an auditory learner I was expected to be attentive, keen and most importantly watch on how things transpired.

When I completed my theory test which entailed listening and understanding the driving fundamental concepts it was a moment for my practical application for whatever I understood. Timothy and I took to the road, the training car was there waiting for us. It proved to be an up hill task for me to park a car to the back spot on a Z shape through reverse. I could not figure out the way this concept was coming about I tried at many times but to no avail it all ended in vain. It was

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