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Write a 2 page essay on Health information research project.

The policy is that this information needs to be conveyed to the patient before the physician releases the medical information to the authorities maintaining the computer databases. This is because the patient’s informed permission needs to be obtained for treatment (Wilson 2009). For obtaining this, the patient has the right to get the complete information about where their records are being stored.

Further, they have the right to know the persons and organizations that have access to their computerized medical databases (O’Caroll et al ed 2003).

3. The AMA’s policy is that the procedures for eradicating the computerized database of inaccurate data need to be established ( information of purging of inaccurate data needs to be notified to the patient before the purging of data and after the completion of purging. This policy has been adopted to give the patient a chance to get a printed copy of the computerized information before it is lost completely .Further they have the right to know that their records have been eradicated forever from the computer.

4. The AMA’S policy on confidentiality of computers is that the computerized database should be online to the computer terminal only when authorized computer programs that require the computerized data are being used ( External individuals and organizations should not be provided online access to this data. Security measures like password protection, encoding of information etc are required to control unauthorized access to the medical data according to AMA’s policy. This is to prevent the unauthorized access by any external agent to a patient’s confidential medical data. The legal basis for this is the right of privacy derived from constitution (Wilson, 2009).

5. According to AMA’s policy, when a computer service bureau erases medical data, the bureau needs to verify in writing to the

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