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She says “She wasn’t at all serious when she had to be and nice when it requires. Interpreting her conversation wasn’t difficult. She made is clear that I wasn’t professional enough to be promoted” Did the vice president use the leadership styles in addressing the issue of the banker?

3. It is apparent that the banker was not happy because the vice president didn’t seem to pay attention to him/her. He/she says “When we started discussing the case, she was less interested and no eye contact was made between us (her eyes were always on her Monitor and very minimal on me)” Did the vice president use the correct communication style in addressing the banker’s issue?

4. During the conversation, the manager thought “I have been working for three years straight learned everything I can and how can I learn to become a fully-fledged manager if neither you nor the other managers have time to teach me anything to further assist me.” Could the banker’s feelings and thoughts have influenced the outcome of their conversation?

5. In terms of managerial skills, the vice president told the banker that he/she wasn’t professional enough to be promoted. What does the banker need to know about leadership before being promoted to a managerial post?

The said subordinate is alleged to have gone against the rules of the company by disclosing important financial information. According to what transpired between him/her with the financial manager, the following insight questions can be deemed appropriate.

1. The manager is alleged to have jumped into conclusion even before conducting his own independent investigation on the alleged misconduct of the sub ordinate. Are these assumptions by the manager indicating good managerial skills?

4. The subordinate is seen to engage the manager in some heated conversation. He asked the manager “Is this always your leadership style?”

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