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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses General description, meaning of the song.

He is reminiscent of the times when he was at loggerheads with his mother and ended up being kicked out of the house but remembers that once he was convicted the mother was the first to visit him in jail. The song takes the listener through the harsh life of living in the streets and the plight that the mothers have to pass through in order to make ends meet for their children.

The song is filled with the ‘gangster’ life that the street members used to live in. The song takes one through the experiences that the life in the streets meant for the people that lived the street life day in day out. Although they made ends meet and had a living it took a lot of effort to ensure that they were safe with the gang members constantly being tracked by the police. Tupac however justifies the people that engaged in thug life in the streets asserting that the life was only to ensure that they got some money that they later used to help their families. According to Tupac (41-43) “I needed money on my own so I started Slangin and I ain’t guilty because even though I sell rocks it feels good putting money in the mailbox” meaning that although he was engaged in different evils while on the streets he was doing it for the good of the family and not for his own benefits and also to pay for his own rent. Tupac reiterates that life in the streets is hard and one has to adapt to make it out there since everyone lives for themselves however he still remembers the huge role that his mother played. The song highlights the plight of different people on the streets especially those that are of age and are wishing to join the different gangs to make it in life. It is an illustration of the hustle of the gang members and the different reasons that leads the people in the society to join the gangs.

Poverty and poor living conditions is also clearly identified as a

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