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Write a 4 page essay on Writing Rubric.

Every time he was doing this job, I would sit on the balcony and watch him, very keen on every move he was making, all the adjustments as well us handling.

The next face was characterized by my ability to retain these maneuvers. Having been inspired by the quest to learn, internalizing these subtle concepts just set in. To perfect on these ideas, sometimes I would go to the garage, hold the mower, and pretend I was operating it, in the absence of my father of course. This also helped build confidence in me as I was able to hold the mower comfortably. After critical observation and mock testing, one morning I decided to test my ability to use the mower. My test was successful by my standards, but had to perform several tests before achieving the desired results.

It is motivation that prompted me to continue taking the test procedures that involved cycles of observation then testing, after which I was able to use the mower without any hitches. However, my knowledge was only limited to operating the mower and addition of fuel when the tank ran dry, but minor repairs were quite ahead of me to manage. The repairs I was later taken through my father.

Perhaps one of the land marking stage in my personal development was adolescence, 13–19 years. According to Erickson’s developmental theory, this stage primarily seeks to identify, develop and solidify the big question of who Am I (King 309). Erickson argues that teens at this age are preoccupied with self-discovery at a point in which personal identity is overwhelmingly important (King 309). This stage often brings a challenging situation with teens seeking to mark their personal identity in an environment controlled by parents and other forms of authority. I began experiencing this particular stage at about age 14 when I started taking a leading role in different activities in school as well as social settings in the community. I felt

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