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Write a 16 page essay on IMC Strategy and Plan.

But this excitement soon came to an end due to the rising number of competitors in the market that are offering the same products with similar differentiation strategy. To overcome the troublesome time, Cupcake Central must focus highly on its strengths to transform the weaknesses into opportunities that could help in catering the needs of the customers accordingly.

Through integrated marketing communication, Cupcake Central is provided with an opportunity to increase the level of sales, while increasing the awareness level of the customers in the market. By doing so, the organization will once again engage with the customers on a significant level. The marketing and communication objectives set within this plan include the increase of Facebook likes by 30 percent, while increasing the followers and subscribers on Youtube and Instagram by 50 percent each.

In order to attain the objectives, Cupcake Central must initiate a campaign to attract the customers on Facebook. The campaign is to add friends on Facebook to win a free cupcake. Similarly, engaging with the customers is considered equally important by Cupcake Central. To engage with the customers, Cupcake Central will initiate campaign where the customers would be presented with an opportunity to celebrate birthdays with Cupcake Central. In addition, the corporate clients will be provided with free cupcakes for a limited time period to motivate them to place orders frequently to taste the delicious cupcakes offered by Cupcake Central.

With a limited budget, the media would be used carefully. Meanwhile, effectiveness of each campaign initiated will be frequently monitored for the evaluation of campaign’s success along with the level of goal accomplishment.

Marketing has moved beyond the traditional approach to more interactive, consumer driven and social marketing approach. With an aim to run a successful business,

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