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Hi, I need help with essay on Strategic Tourism Planning and Development in London. Paper must be at least 11500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The objective is then to proceed to external focus that will solidify the promotion of the London by addressing natural and made-made environmental issues. Therefore, the main observations provide the aim to effectively describing current tourism issues that stalls the sustainability in development. Thus, the designed aspect provides an opportunity to creating a sufficient resolution towards the identified different sustainability protocols for successful private and public sectors endeavors (Dibbs, 2007,pp.107).

Current trends in tourism present challenging in the pursuit for sustainability and profitability within the targeted industry. The tourism planning is vital to determining how a particular locale is performing within the private and public sectors aspect but also the environmental concerns. The most damaging issues arises out of balancing out the concerns relates to focuses on operation of tourism enterprises. The consideration in tourism operation management offers a strategy to identify and resolving certain issues that arises in a given season. The effort demonstrates the presentation of resources for maneuvering through the public and private markets.

The community attitudinal studies relates to how the particular city challenges to managed resources can reduce significantly interests for tourism planning and development. The designed concept to promote the London as the designation for a tourist private and public sectors objectives will only be successful if stated issues are addressed. Therefore, the awareness level provides an open forum for the concerns of tourism environmental concerns are addressed accordingly to brainstorm suggestions. The tourism planning and development for the promotion of the London is dependable of mastering the economic and employment dependency.

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