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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Market and Analysis. It needs to be at least 4000 words.

The paper will define the threats and opportunities within the company through the service quality that is offered. These will be combined with different components which can be used to assist with the growth and development of the company. Through this research, it was defined that restructuring the organizational environment to fit the needs of consumers in different regions will help to set the company apart from the continuously changing trends while allowing the company to continue to grow into a different level of recognition within the community.

The competition that is within the oil, gas and petroleum market is one which continue to fluctuate according to the needs of consumers and the approach which is taken with those who are demanding different formats for the gas that is consumed. A gas station that is known in the UK for carrying a specific reputation among consumers is Tesco. Tesco gas stations in the UK are known for the main mission of the company, which is based on offering convenience of gas at a lower price. This is combined with the smaller convenience stores that are inside of the station and which have created a different approach to the gas that is offered. The approach which Tesco is using is based on having diverse payment alternatives, such as using fuel and club cards and saving objectives that are available for the petrol. This is combined with concepts such as premium petrol and other alternatives to offer different forms of quality with the gas that is available (Tesco, 2011).

Despite the main components of Tesco, there is a sense of difficulty with remaining ahead because of the service quality that is provided by the company. Even though Tesco is able to provide competitive prices and convenience stores, there is a question of the service quality on a variety of levels. This is based on the level of

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