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Write 4 page essay on the topic Museum Rebort.

Artists use ceramics to develop various sculptures that criticize the social and cultural features of the society. Some of the best ceramics artifacts on display in museums today harbor rich cultural and social history of various societies. The works of Ken Price has remained on display at the Los Angeles Museum of Arts.

The multicolored sculpture glows in the lights of the display thereby depicting the lustrous nature of the carvings. The smooth flowing edges and curves of the sculpture portray the malleable nature of ceramics the artist manipulates thereby developing the work. Arts provide people with effective platform on which to criticize the developments in the society. In doing this, arts provide artists with the opportunity to maintain a relative criticisms of the various cultural and social developments in the society. The feature of arts presents a daunting task to the artists who must therefore develop an intriguing work but maintain an originality in their works. Ken Price achieves this in his sculpture, which oozes both uniqueness and originality.

The unique sculpture has several molten like lumps that depict the artist’s creativity. As described above, the smooth flowing curves that appear as molten lumps are carefully done curving on the ceramic materials. The artists maintain the caution capable of achieving the illusion of the curves on the ceramic material. The artist curves the intricate shapes of the artifact from the delicate ceramic materials thereby developing the artifact before heating it in order to achieve the strength and longevity the artifact enjoys at the display to date. The artist employs a combination of artistic techniques in order to achieve the finished artifact on display at the museum today. The soft ceramic clay helps with the molding process. wet ceramic clay is not only ductile but also equally plastic in nature. This makes ceramics better than clay in the creation

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