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Create a 4 page essay paper that discusses The Relationship between Ornament and Light in New York City.

This paper examines the association between light and ornament as two significant elements of architecture by critically examining the case of New York City. Moreover, the paper also assesses the perspective of whether light can be classified as an ornament by studying architectural examples across New York City.

The significance of ornaments in architecture is reflected in their cultural value and the manner in which the placement of ornaments aids a viewer to establish a relation with the surrounding.2Moreover, the placement of an ornament also allows the beauty of a building to be communicated to the viewer.3In this case, the role of an ornament is to essentially convey a message regarding the architectural figure and represent the meaning of the building through its addition. In the realm of modern and innovative architectural progress, the utilization of three-dimensional ornaments has essentially established a vivid association between light and ornament. As noted by Strehlke and Loveridge, the integration of three-dimensional ornament permits the viewer to receive multiple messages regarding the figure through the presence of light and shadows on a range of varied angles.4

This notion establishes the significance of light within the context of ornaments and also suggests that light can serve a purpose which is similar to that of ornamentation in terms of fulfilling a decorative objective or conveying a specific message to the viewer. In this regard, light can be categorized as an ornament itself because it meets the objectives of ornamentation in an effective manner.

In the case of New York City, the use of light as a form of ornament conveys the true meaning and essence behind the cultural heritage, diversity and spirit of the city. The primary example which highlights the vibrancy and effervescence of New York City is reflected in the

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