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Need an argumentative essay on Energy drinks. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The difference between sports drinks and energy drinks lies in their contents. Sports drinks have energy giving elements in them while energy drinks have stimulants. These stimulants include caffeine and guarana, which can change the functioning of the human body. Johnson (2014, p.377) notes that both the sports and energy drinks have carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, sodium, proteins, and other minerals.

Energy drinks and sports drinks are associated with a number of benefits. Sports are always associated with using a lot of energy. so many sports people may require a lot of energy drinks. When they are being promoted during marketing, their sellers say how good they are to consumers. Some say how these drinks can improve the performance of sportsmen. They also say that they can remove fatigue and increase concentration or keenness. Some sellers also claim these drinks can replace the electrolytes that are lost when a person is sweating. Sports and energy drinks are usually sold mostly to the young people. The reason is that it is the youths who use them quite often. They use them a lot because they take part in many hard activities that require much energy. These drinks are used by different people in different ways. These energy drinks are made of various components. The components are. water, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals amino acids/ protein caffeine, guarana, electrolytes and other stimulants. Water helps in giving the body the hydration it requires to operate normally. When a person is active and is using a lot of energy, thermoregulation is increased (Burrow 2013, p.141). He or she will need water to help in cooling and hydrating their bodies. Carbohydrates give energy to the consumers, but only if taken with other nutrients. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids/ and proteins are so good for the human body. Sports drinks and energy drinks are therefore, beneficial

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