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This homework provides an opportunity for the student to create a Virtual Private Database in Oracle

Assignment: Total 100 points

Using the Schema you developed in Homework 1 for your e-Commerce project, design and implement a

Virtual Private Database that limits database access. Your design should be based on two of your

columns and two of your tables. (Hint:

where col1 = value1 AND col2 = value2).

Which columns and

tables you choose is up to you and will be based on your initial design. You may alter your tables if it

makes sense to do so.

Develop and conduct a test plan that clearly shows how access has been restricted by using the Virtual

Private Database.

In most cases you will need to create a separate policy and function for each of the two tables you

select. Use the tutorial as a reference and follow the steps for creating the policy function, creating the

virtual private database policy and testing the policy.


1.create a word or PDF document that describes your process, steps and results. Be sure to

describe your schema and why you selected the tables and columns you did for your Private

database. Provide screen shots showing the successful running of all of your SQL statements and

testing your implementation. Be sure your testing is comprehensive and clearly demonstrates

how the virtual private database restricts access to specific records. The document should be

neat, well-organized, well-written and contain minimal grammar and spelling errors.

2.A .sql script file containing all SQL statements you used for this effort. All SQL statements should

be in one file with appropriate connect statements to differentiate users who run the script. The

script file should contain comments describe each major set of SQL statements. The script

should run perfectly without error when executed from the Oracle SQL*PLUS environment.

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