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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Boss.

Although management and leadership are not utterly different, the two concepts may not be the same either. There are many ways in which management differs from leadership, especially when looking at the differences from leadership skills and management skills. Leadership emphasizes more on vision of the project than implementation. On the contrary, management entirely focuses on implementation and vision is second guessed. Further, leadership takes a keen interest in situation dynamics. these dynamics provides the leadership with hints on the right action to take. Leadership makes attempts that alter the culture in order to attain the best results that benefit the majority.

On the contrary, management focuses on techniques and it does not advocate for changes. Rather, management strives to maintain the status quo and order in an organization, as well adapt to the traditions. Furthermore, leadership focuses on risk taking and positive possibilities while management worries so much of the negative consequences, which might result from an action. Finally, leadership aims to rebuild and reshape an organization to ensure that the organization moves towards the vision and objectives. It does this through the employment of persuasion skills, as well as possibility ideas. These actions do not take any consideration of the position of the organization. On the other hand, management focuses on achieving the prescribed organization and it adopts attitudes and behavior according to position or level. Management does not disclose information and knowledge to workers. they fear that their own position might be compromised by information leakage.

There are many characteristics of good leaders, which can take time and space to discuss. However, the scope of this paper does not allow me to discuss the entire characteristics that good leaders should have. Therefore, I will discuss a few key qualities, which describes a good leader. Good leaders are

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