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Create a 10 page essay paper that discusses Intelligence Testing, Eugenics, and The State Boys Rebellion.

(Galton, 1869, 1883) His work was built upon by others, notably Alfred Thomas Binet. He and And his collaborator Théodore Simon are credited as being instrumental in the development of the first, functional IQ test. (Foschi, et al. 2006)

During the days in which the work of Galton was most widely accepted, schools tested children regularly, and those classified as feeble-minded were rewarded by a veritable incarceration in an institution similar to Massachusetts Fernald school for the feeble minded — or to one of the more than 100 institutions like it.

Fernald, and the recommendations inherent with eugenics are illustrative of the consequences of government and scientific policy which permit rights to be taken away from the less fortunate in the name of a certain public good – providing the incentive for yet further abuses above and beyond the reluctant acquiescence towards the hardhearted policy in the first place.

Idiot, moron, and imbecile were evidently proper medical terms in the cold halls of Fernald, and elsewhere in the scientific community during the early 20th century. They defined various levels of retardation or mental disability. Moron specifically refers to those children who were almost normal,” says the author of a 2005 book, Michael DAntonio. Who estimates that at least 50 percent of these undesirables would function in todays world normally.

Originally, eugenics theory originated as a hard–handed attempt to improve the social condition of the country, mingling hierarchical class politics with theories of heredity. As all such regimes do, the promise was for a better world, with lower crime. greater wealth through a more productive economy, and the alleged elimination of all disease: we simply have to keep undesirables from breeding.

But even this policy which encourages the abuse of humanity was itself abused, compounding the lasting

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