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Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: HR.

Job designing is aimed at improving the progress of an organization, for example by reducing the operational costs of the organization and the training expenses (Arthur, 2004). Job designing improves all these through many strategies, which, are put in place by the administrative body of an organization. These strategies are. job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation and extension of work time length.

This is the process of assigning employees more than one task and of different provisions. This helps in lowering the degree of specialization among the employees and helps them to develop new skills due to their experiences in the jobs.

This is where the employee is given some authority left on the hand of the administrative body of an organization. Though it helps in equipping the employee with some managerial skills, it has some disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the employee may be granted much power, which may lead to serious administrative drawbacks.

Job rotation. this is where an employee is posted to different departments within an organization. This helps the employee to absorb knowledge to under those different departments and save the organization from the cost of training other employees and also reducing the cost of paying large number of works.

This is where the length of the working time is increased in order to give workers ample duration to offer their services without any inconvenience due to lack of enough time. This also helps the workers to work at a reasonable pace with low supervision and still produce better turn out.

This is where analysis is made on the most essential components of a job with an aim of reorganizing the job in order to improve its efficiency. According to Robertson and Smith (1985), there are different steps involved in job simplification. The steps are as follows:

The fifth step involves attempting the job personally and caution should be taken in order to avoid

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