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Write 3 page essay on the topic Personality & Emotional Developement.

These include communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Communication enables a child to explore the surrounding by asking questions and in turn get feedback. Through communication, one is able to express opinions and feelings in a comprehensive and social manner, and therefore, enhance development. Secondly, is critical thinking as another social skill that enhances social development. Critical thinking enables an individual to evaluate the activities that he or she engages in, and the manner in which tasks involved are accomplished. Critical thinking in turn enables one to make substantive determinations before engaging in any task. By developing such skills, such individuals are able to identify various aspects about a task and adopt means of accomplishment. Lastly, is the skill of creativity. Children with the ability to generate new ideas towards various aspects indeed develop faster socially and easily incorporated into the society (Hagan, 2003).

Family setups also influence communication, critical thinking, and creativity in a child’s development. First, is the aspect of unity in families, which contribute significantly towards the positive development of a child. Unity enables a child to communicate freely with the parents and siblings because of the conducive environment. Unity also influences the sharing of ideas among family members and hence initiates the development of new ideas through creativity. Critical thinking skills are also developed when individuals desire a common goal, an aspect of family unity. Care in a family also influences development of children socially. Communication enhances the chances of care and support from family members. Children develop critical thinking skills and become creative when proper care is provided in the family. This provides a calm environment in which a child is able to develop better thinking skills.

As much as the family environment

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