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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic Space and time in architecture.

In this regard, space promotes planning of construction works because it helps in isolating waste and shortages that may arise unexpectedly (Libeskind & Auerbach 2013, p. 1). The visual and expressive components of architecture that represents uniqueness and tranquility of an art work. Strength and its stability are concepts that require adequate spacing by using the correct materials. Space and time will always merge to show the periods and dimensions of architecture (Heynen 2010, p. 39).

Allen used art to define the concept of space and times using the Roman architecture to present a cultural aspect that denotes the introduction of paintings and sculpture in art work (Libeskind & Auerbach 2013, p. 1). This implies that a person can easily relate to the design of a building by observing the cultural or historical elements used. This is an indication that developments in architecture are milestone depicting changes in modern buildings. Allen further suggests that water in a stable condition in the experiment is a sign of strength enhanced by the spacing between the sponge and the waves (Libeskind & Auerbach 2013, p. 1). A notable concept is that modern buildings allow for more space unlike the older ones that emphasized on the cultural values.

The concepts of interactivity and relatedness may be fixed within abstract art, but they are unique to modern speculative structural design and background urbanism (Libeskind & Auerbach 2013, p. 1). It is apparent that every community has its own architectural designs that represent their culture and feelings. It is also applicable to launch space and time in architecture to adopt technological transformations in the industry (Giedion 2014, p. 29). The relevance of space and time in architecture is that they facilitate the addition of new concepts in the field. This increases innovation since the architects are free to come up with latest ideas

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