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Write a 2 page essay on Green Computing.

The software component shall also look at aspects and areas of conserving energy. The project will be implemented as part of the larger organizational strategy and policy of the company.

As part of the objectives of the project, all staff are expected to receive a very high level of education and awareness on how they can, on an individual basis apply basic rules and principles on the effective and efficient use of information systems. The training is expected to be part of the skills and knowledge of all existing staff as well as new staff.

Much of the desire to go green in computing will come with the use of the right IT tools that have been passed for efficiency and effectiveness. To this end, there will be an outsourcing exercise to replace all existing IT tools that cannot guarantee this purpose. This is going to be the major task involved in the green computing project.

As there continue to be an enlightened awareness among the public on the need to protect the environment towards future preservation, more and more people are becoming inclined on the need to do business with companies that guarantee environment protection (Perry, 2008). It is therefore an objective of the project to help raise a competitive advantage (Risk Management Guidelines, 2004) for the company by the close of the project.

The success of projects is best tested when they achieve the objectives for which they are carried out (Perry, 2008). A very basic success criterion that will be used to measure the impact of the project shall therefore be a project objective scorecard or checklist, which shall be marked after six months to determine the areas of achievement and areas of failure.

A very basic approach that will be used in managing the project shall be a delegation and decentralized approach whereby there shall be various divisions among the departments of the company. Under each of these divisions, there shall be a head, to who members of the

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