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Cochran and Kleiner (1992) suggest that the employees should be informed of the progress, achievements and failures of the organization, and how the new goals will mitigate its failures and boost its achievements. This way, the employees will be motivated to support the company in its new direction instead of resisting and working toward its failure. As a team of employees and their manager, they will also be able to clearly assess how the new goals are helping them to achieve the mission of the organization.

Immediate appraising and reprimanding is critical in ensuring that the people involved adequately associate them with their actions and respond as expected. Adequate and immediate appraising encourages an emulation of the same by others and a continuation of the same by the person appraised. However, this should be done in such a way that the employees are comfortable. Otherwise, it will fail to encourage high performance in the organization. Apart from reprimanding immediately, managers should do it in a way that will clearly indicate that the reprimand was directly related to their mistake, and not hidden personal agendas.

Some people think that workplaces are “all seriousness environments” and having fun at work is a sign that people are not working. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We should maintain ourselves from the wears and tears just as we maintain the machines we use. Giles (2012) explains that not having fun at work breeds a pool of over-stressed, professionally dissatisfied, and lowly motivated employees. This is a sign of a poor work environment. Evidently, such employees work slowly and so their average production is low.

The issue of making the workplace environment fun and exciting, therefore, deserves adequate attention and should be intentionally introduced because of the significant time people spend in their workplaces. This way,

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