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Write a 2 page essay on The Creation of the World: A Mayan View.

Everything was motionless and speechless. There was no living entity—no animal or no plant—there was only sky. That time, even the earth surface did not appear. The only two things that were there were gigantic frame of sky and the fathomless sea. In fact, it was a kind of complete non-existence of everything.

Nothing was able to move, tremble or make noises. Even nothing could stand out except the vast stretches of sea. There was complete darkness, which is similar to the beginning of civilizations in ancient history. Only the creators of the world—the Maket, Tepeu, Gueumatz, the Horefnthers—were covered with light in the water bodies. There was veil of green beneath them. These creators were also like great sages, philosophers and thinkers. Tepeu and Gueumatz first came together in absolute darkness. Next they spoke with each other. Thereafter, they started their conversations. After thorough discussions, they came to some kind of conclusion. Finally, they built up their words and pot those into thoughts. Subsequently, they started their meditation. It was apparent that at the next dawn, man would appear in the world. Afterwards, they started planning the process of creation. The generation of trees, the thickets and the generation of man were their prime act. The Heart of Heaven who is also known as Hueacan planned all these creativity in absolute darkness.

Similar kinds of calmness and aloofness have been observed during the beginning of many ancient civilizations. During the initial years, all the descendents of a particular society were compelled to respond to the hurdles posed by the environment and they used to live in complete isolation from the rest of the world. Thereafter civilizations developed at a very slow pace. During the 5000 BCE, in both the Central and the Southern America, farming settlements grew alongside the rivers and in the upland areas. Subsequently, organized human civilizations were developed

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