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United States is a powerful nation in the world. It is known for its contribution to maintain world peace and order so that democracy is enhanced. Freedom and market venture without insecurity threats is a key pillar that United States embraces for all the countries. Many states are under leadership of cruel and undemocratic leaders and for the purpose of justice, freedom and democracy United States has a mandate to make sure security is provided. Leaders who are known to terrorize their own people especially when it comes to the matters of security, then United States in collaboration with United Nation has to deal with the situation. Global peace and security for the purpose of economic stability is enhanced to make sure that economic and political transformations are obtained. For the purpose of international economy and political principles, security must be provided so that the world is productive. The principle that United States embraces is to attack those who are posing danger before they attack others. The goal of United States is to make sure transformation of authoritarian states is converted to democratic states and defend those nations from attack by other hostile states. Terrorism is a global issue which has to be dealt with accordingly. The rule of law must apply to curb lawlessness and promote freedom and democracy (Cavell, 31).

Based on the fact that United States is a nation that embraces democracy then it has to deal with terrorism so that peaceful coexistence will be achieved. For example, in the case of Middle East, an economy based nation, with variety of products which they export to other countries like United States. For instance, in oil sector, United States has to deal with case of insecurity like terrorism so that business transactions are not hindered. Another example is the case of Saddam Hussein who did not entertain democracy in Iraq. Lawlessness in Iraq existed and thus United States had to

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