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Write 8 page essay on the topic Advertisement gone too far.

Many young girls are negatively affected by the increased sexualisation and objectification of women a factor that makes them try to imitate the models that appear in advertisements. Many companies have relied on highly sexualised advertisements to promote their products. For example, the American Apparel has a long history of sexualizing women in their advertisements. This paper will carry out a critical analysis of how women have been sexualized and objectified and how the American Apparel notoriously represented sexualized women as they promoted their products.

The globe has witnessed an entire century of women depicted in the advertisement. The first depiction of a woman in the advertisement was in 1912 during the suffrage movement. During that era, many women activists advocated for their rights to vote. Marketers and advertisers sought to use the campaigns to their advantage. Therefore, they depicted women in the promotion of the Nebo cigarettes. The advertisements targeted men who were commonly disgusted or offended by the “sass” of a suffragette. The same advertisement was also appealing to women who wanted to indulge in smoking for the first time. Therefore, the advertisement supported the push for women to have equal rights. In 1923, Listerine launched an advertisement that featured a model named Edna. In its bid to promote the mouthwash, the advertisement emphasized that all women wanted to get married. However, factors, factors such as bad breath prevented them from becoming the bride. In 1925, women promoted the lucky cigarettes. Notably, smoking was still viewed as a habit for men and women who smoked were viewed negatively (Yan, Ogle, & Hyllegard 2010, p. 213). However, the Lucky Company focused on developing cigarettes that specifically targeted women. 1936 marked the emergence of the first nude woman in an advertisement for the Woodbury Soap. The Woodbury advert marked a new beginning that would see more and more

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