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2-3 hour quiz… Please no guessing!

1) Testing to see if two variables are related in how they are distributed is done with the

a) Chi Square Contingency Table test

b) ANOVA Single Factor test

c) Chi Square Goodness of Fit test

d) The F-test.

2) ANOVA uses which statistical distribution to determine the significance of the results?

a) F

b) t

c) z

d) Binominal

3) If we wanted to testing for mean equality between an employee’s the salary and their pay grade midpoint salary value (both being measured in dollars). we would use the

a) T-test assuming equal variance

b) T-test not assuming equal variance

c) Paired T-test

d) We cannot compare these two measures.

4) ANOVA requires

a) at least nominal level data.

b) at least ordinal level data.

c) at least Interval level data.

d) at least Ratio level data.

5) The single factor ANOVA mean difference calculation involves

a) paired mean differences.

b) a t-value.

c) a variation estimate.

d) all of the above.

6) Excel’s options for performing an ANOVA include

a) Single Factor ANOVA

b) Two Factor ANVOA with replication

c) Two Factor ANVOA without replication

d) All of the above.

7) The E in a significance of F value stands for

a) Exponent

b) Error

c) Expand

d) None of the above

8) The alternate hypothesis for the single factor ANOVA states that all means differ.



9) Rejection of the null hypothesis in a single factor ANOVA test means

a) All means are equal.

b) All means are different.

c) At least 1 mean differs.

d) Most, but not necessarily all, means differ.

10) A significance of F value equaling 3.5E-03 means

a) an error occurred in calculating the p-value.

b) the p-value is larger than 0.05

c) the p-value equals 3.5

d) the p-value equals 0.0035

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