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Write 9 page essay on the topic War Culture in Film.

The aim of the propaganda movies was to justify the decision made by the US to fight against the Axis powers. In the American cinema, war films occupy an important place because they assist people in defining not only themselves but also the rest of the world since they show American citizens as strong and high moral individuals fighting for their country.

Why We Fight talks about the rise and growth of the military industrial complex of the US. The film also describes how the US was involved in World War 2 for 50 years, especially the invasion of Iraq in 2003. According to the documentary, the public of the US was misled every decade. This happened during the World War 2 period. The government did this in order to encourage more people to fight in the war. This is because their participation in the war would boost the military industrial economy, thus maintaining the US’s dominance in the world politics. Individuals who are interviewed in the documentary include writer Gore Vidal, Joseph Cirincione (a public policy expert), politician John McCain, Chalmers Johnson (a former CIA analyst and a political scientist), politician Richard Perle and William Kristol (a neoconservative commentator).

The documentary tells about the stories of the war of the Vietnam veteran whose son was murdered in the attacks that occurred in 2001. As a result, the Vietnam War veteran requested the military to publish the name of the son who had died on any bomb that would be dropped in Iraq. The documentary also tells about the New Yorker who joined the US army because of poverty and being in debt. This decision was caused by the death of his mother. Again, the documentary reveals the story about Anh Duong, the military explosives scientist. He arrived in America from Vietnam as a refugee child in 1975.

The film reveals that war strengthens the military industrial complex. Why We Fight tells of a father, who is still mourning after the death of his son on

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